Green New Deal Simulator
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Green New Deal Simulator

Achieve zero emissions before it’s too late!. Experience the urgent battle against climate change in The Green New Deal Simulator, a compact deck-building game with a big mission. Your goal is to lead the United States towards a post-carbon economy while ensuring full employment for its people.

Navigate the challenging task of investing in renewable energy, phasing out fossil fuels, capturing atmospheric CO2, upgrading the energy grid, and exploring innovative green technologies. But beware of the ticking clock and limited budget – tough decisions await!

Key Features:

  • Engage in intuitive board game-inspired mechanics that make strategy a breeze.
  • Utilize 22 action cards inspired by real-world policies and solutions.
  • Meet a cast of proud working-class animals who embody the spirit of change.

Take on the challenge of reshaping the nation’s future and combating climate change head-on in The Green New Deal Simulator. Lead the way towards a sustainable tomorrow!

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