FNF: Halloween Night Funkin
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FNF: Halloween Night Funkin


A Halloween mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend and Girlfriend show some on stage in front of some of large audience.

Very good and underrated mod.

Collect candies as you try to beat each song.


This time, BF and GF got invited by a bunch of weirdos to an old, giant, creepy castle that’s probably going to fall apart at any second, and those freaks decided to pull up little show. The show will be broadcast to everyone in town, and from here, the unusual Halloween for BF and GF begins…


  • SpookyOpening
  • Narcotica
  • Party Panic
  • Silent Killer
  • Light It Up
  • Full Moon Night
  • RToccata and BFugue
  • Enchance
  • Never Gonna Give You Up

Mod Credits:

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  • For this mod, we invited 10 core members from DaytimeFish studio. With the passion and love of FNF as well as the pressure of deadlines and stress from daily life, we finally finished, the demo of this mod (yes, just a demo) within a single month! If you find BF stuck in between the floor, or a couple of notes suddenly jump off the game window, don’t worry, it is part of Halloween. (we will fix it in the future, perhaps.)
  • We have prepared 8 original Halloween-style tunes: one for each unique character from different mods, well-charted and ready to kick everybody’s ass. Panic-No, you cannot die during the show since BF is already a walking-dead, and that makes this mod free to enjoy for everyone from all the skill levels!
  • Also, if you doing well enough, you might impress the character and get some rewards! Enjoy the show till the last second! (P.S: there are some secret gifts for you if you collect all the rewards from each character! Gotta warn y’all, it’s gonna be extremely difficult!)
  • And of course, we keep the classic chorus section at the end that every collaboration mod or family show will have. Please let us know how you feel once you reach the last song.


  • [About DaytimeFish Studio]
    • DaytimeFish Studio is an organization of game enthusiasts mainly from China.  Stay tuned!
  • [Cast List]
  • Fraze R.I.P – Project Owner/Composer/Owner of NeverNight
    • https://twitter.com/FraseXFraze
    • Responsibility: Project design; all the original instrumental and vocals in the game as well as the charting; programming relates to charting
    • “The scariest thing for a project owner is to watch the deadline approaches and progress is short. That made my Halloween this year.”
  • Toast – Gameplay Programmer
  • LunarSurface – UI Programmer
  • Rabbit_Foot – Sprite Artist/Animator/Owner of Sanx&RT
    • https://twitter.com/Kakosa_sama
    • Responsibility: Sanx’s & RT’s sprites, stages, and note style; main menu UI; most of the sprite animations, the stage design
    • “You look like a watermelon.”
  • Miya – Sprite Artist/Owner of Mikana
  • Danke – Sprite Artist/Animator/Owner of Danke
    • https://twitter.com/snap6910
    • Responsibility: Danke’s sprites, stages, and note style.
    • “Danke’s own mod will be up soon.” “Don’t forget to gaze at the stars!
  • Afu – Sprite Artist/Animator/Owner of BOSS
  • Dfdffish – Sprite Artist/Animator/Programmer/Owner of Elliela
    • https://space.bilibili.com/4216586
    • Responsibility: Elliela, stages, and note style; organize/export sprite sheets; some animations.
    • “Finally I have turned my fake gameplay (animation) ”
  • Binca – Sprite Artist/Owner of Ponnick
    • https://twitter.com/Binca_233
    • Responsibility: Ponnick’s sprites, stages, and note style.
    • “Thanks to everyone who participated in making the mod.”
  • Clearcat – Animator/Advertising Artist
    • Responsibility: advertising arts, some of the animations
    • “Just a cat slacking between groceries.”
  • CMC Core Staff
    • FrazeRIP: Project Owner/Musician
    • Miya: Artist/Mikana
    • Rabbits_Foot: Artist/Sanx,RT
    • Danke: Artist/Danke
    • AFu: Artist/Boss
    • Binca: Artist/Ponnick
    • dfdffish: Artist/Elliela
    • Clearcat: Artist
    • LunarSurface: Programmer
    • Toast Fish: Programmer
  • Special Thanks/Guest
    • Daytimefish Studio: Sponsor
    • KadeDeveloper : Engine
    • Toby Fox: Guest character/Burgerpants
    • lola: Guest character/lola
    • pinkghost: Guest character/pinkghost
    • Brawl Star: Guest character/Tick


  • Download the mod for your cool High-end Desktop PC on GB.

Original FNF Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the github source.

The goal of this web optimized port is to make FNF and this mod more accessible to players that can’t otherwise play it on their potato PC, on a Chromebook,  on their Mac, on their Linux, or simply can’t run the EXE files on their computer.

If you want a challenge, turn off Ghost Tapping in the settings.

Recommend using Google Chrome to play FNF Mod for the best performance.

Jam to the beats and just have fun!