FNF: Friday Doge Funkin’ VS Doge & Walter
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FNF: Friday Doge Funkin’ VS Doge & Walter


A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend rap-battle against the mascot of the popular  cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is a breed of dog called Shiba Inu breed. They are very cat-like dog.


  • Week 1
    • Feet
    • Toes
    • Sole
  • Week 2
    • Fire Truck
    • Moster Truck
    • All Bark No Bite
    • Scrapped

Mod Credits

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Le Doge Team has arrived

  • ArfieCat#3621 – Art & Programming
  • Odie#7745 – Art & Dialogue
  • rrcemo – Art
  • Wickedbelle#2200 – Charting
  • Blue™#3621 – Music
  • YungRhythm – Music
  • And the rest of the Dogelore discord!


  • Download the mod for your High-End Desktop PC on GB.

Kade Engine

Friday Night Funkin’

If you want a challenge, turn off Ghost Tapping in the settings.

Recommend using Google Chrome to play FNF Mod for the best performance.

Jam to the beats and just have fun!