Five Nights With Herobrine And His Friends
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Five Nights With Herobrine And His Friends


Five Nights With Herobrine And His Friends is a fan-made FNAF, but with Minecraft and his friends as the evil characters after you instead of animatronics.

Welcome to Herobrine’s Pizzeria, where the animatronic mascots come to life at night and you’ve been hired as the night watchman. Your mission? Survive six terrifying nights while defending yourself against the menacing figures of Herobrine, Entity 303, and Alexbrina. Keep your wits about you and remember to conserve your precious electricity, as every move could mean the difference between life and death.

Gameplay Basics:

  • Use your mouse to rotate and scan the surroundings for any signs of danger.
  • Access the tablet by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen to check camera feeds and monitor the animatronics’ locations.
  • Keep an eye on your battery level, as it powers your tablet, doors, and lights. Conservation is key to survival.
  • Work diligently until 6:00 AM to successfully complete each night.

Defense Against Animatronics:

  • Herobrine lurks in the right aisle. Watch for his hand to appear when you turn on the lights. If spotted, quickly close the door to keep him at bay.
  • Alexbrina prowls the main passage. If she approaches, shut the door to deter her advances.
  • Entity 303 is a formidable threat. If he’s detected in the storeroom (camera 5), close the door to prevent him from reaching your location and ending your life.

Surviving the night won’t be easy, but with quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and a keen eye for danger, you just might make it through all six nights in one piece. Good luck, and may your bravery guide you through the darkness of Herobrine’s Pizzeria.

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