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Dive into the watery world of “Feed Us,” a game where you become a hungry piranha! Your main job as this sharp-toothed fish is to gobble up everything you can find. Swim through the dark water, avoid things that might get in your way, and look for your next meal, whether it’s other fish or even people! But be careful, because not everything in the ocean is friendly. There are sharks, jellyfish, and other creatures that can be dangerous.

“Feed Us” has a spooky underwater atmosphere with dark waters and suspenseful music that adds to the excitement. Each level is a challenge where you have to eat more and get bigger while staying away from threats. As you eat, you collect blood points that let you upgrade your piranha to make it faster, sneakier, and better at catching prey. It’s all about being a top predator in this underwater world, and that means you’ll need to be smart and quick.

So, while it might seem simple, “Feed Us” is a game that requires strategy. You’ll need to know when to strike, how to stay hidden, and how to move fast. Becoming the ocean’s ultimate hunter is a big adventure, but with practice and determination, you can do it!


Feed Us is developed by Pyrozen.

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