Save My Fish
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Save My Fish


mmerse yourself in the thrilling depths of the ocean with Save My Fish, a captivating puzzle game that puts your strategic skills to the test. Your mission is clear: save suffocating goldfish from the clutches of menacing sharks by strategically removing needles and employing clever tactics.

As the apex predators of the sea, sharks pose a formidable challenge. To overcome them, you must carefully plan your moves and solve intricate puzzles. Use the power of hot lava strategically to eliminate the sharks, removing the threat to the vulnerable fish.

But the danger doesn’t end there. Time is of the essence as you navigate the underwater world. Rescue suffocating goldfish by utilizing seawater as a lifeline, ensuring their survival and proving yourself as the ultimate hero of the ocean.

Prepare to dive into an oceanic adventure filled with cunning strategies, mind-bending puzzles, and heroic feats. Can you rise to the challenge and save every fish in need? Play Save My Fish and showcase your rescue skills as you become the ultimate savior of the aquatic realm.

Just Have Fun!

Save My Fish is a online Puzzle Game you can play for free in full screen at KBH Games. Save My Fish is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Easily play Save My Fish on the web browser without downloading. Hope the game will bring a little joy into your daily life.