Fantastic Fetus

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Fantastic Fetus

Fantastic Fetus is a pregnancy simulator with Tamagotchi style gameplay. Help take care of a pregnant woman and create your dream fetus with SUPERPOWERS. The game is inspired by the Black Protest movement in Poland.

Create an enormous number of unique customized fetuses and unlock 6 different endings according to your decisions.

Three Languages, English, German and Polish. Tamagotchi pixel art style with four colors. Multiple endings depending on your choices.

If you like this game please consider donating to Polish pro-choice organizations.

Aleksandra Jarosz @AKJarosz – Game Designer

Michael Hartinger @Asebist – Music & Producer

Sebastian Merkl @Ancientpixel – Programmer

Thomas Feichtmeir @Cyangmou – Visual Artist, Additional Game Designer

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.