Elevating Tensions
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Elevating Tensions


Play as  McCorndog that must take revenge on the corporation that build a skyscraper stands where your log cabin once stood.

Tragic backstory

Chuck McCorndog, a beer-loving redneck lumber jack, lived in a peaceful log cabin in the woods. One day it was bulldozed and a huge corporate skyscraper was built in its place. Chuck was angry enough but when he read the words CASH Inc. on the side of the building it really pushed him over the edge…

  • Spicy Chicken: Code & Music
  • Robo-Octo: SFX
  • Pixel Overload: Art


Pick up weapons or use your fists to last as long as you can in an ongoing elevator fight scene. Jump, dash, and throw weapons to evade enemies. Use attack combos and powerups to reach the highest floor you can in this arcade-like elevator adventure.


Spicy Chicken, Robo-octo, Pixel Overload

How to Play:

Movement: AD / Left and right arrows keys

Jump and duck: WS / Up and down arrow keys

Attack, throw weapon, pick up weapon: JKL / ZXC

Dash: Shift

Dash + attack = dash attack

Holding down + dash = ground pound