Dream Fight 18

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Dream Fight 18

A cast of Dreamcast’s greatest fighters is back!

Play in story mode, versus mode, arcade mode, and free play mode, training mode, survival mode, or watch mode.

Story Mode:
This time the team captains were kidnapped by the new shadowy tournament host.

Now it’s up to those left behind to fight their way though the tournament and save their friends!

Oh, and there’s probably a fighting game universe to save somewhere in there too. Things have never been crazier than in King of Fi- errr, Dream Fight 18 A.D.!

Developed by Dogma.

How to Play:

Movement – Arrow keys
Weak punch – Q
Medium punch – W
Strong punch – E
Weak kick – A
Medium kick – S
Strong kick – D
Start – Enter
Movement during cutscenes – Arrow keys
Return to title screen / Exit the game from title screen – Escape