Dragon Fist 3
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Dragon Fist 3


“Dragon Fist 3” stands as a compelling addition to the realm of fighting games, offering a unique blend of martial arts mastery and weapon-based combat. This game draws players into a world where diverse characters, each an expert in their respective martial arts discipline or weapon specialization, vie for supremacy. Whether you’re drawn to the precision of a katana, the brute force of a broadsword, or the nimble strikes of unarmed combat, “Dragon Fist 3” has a fighter for every style and preference.

In single-player mode, you embark on a challenging journey through a gauntlet of masters, each battle a test of your skill and strategy. The variety of opponents ensures that no two fights are the same, requiring players to adapt their approach and master the nuances of both unarmed and armed combat. This mode not only tests your abilities but also deepens your appreciation for the game’s intricate mechanics and the martial arts philosophies it emulates.

For those seeking a competitive or cooperative experience, the two-player mode offers an opportunity to face off against a friend. This mode amplifies the excitement of “Dragon Fist 3,” as players can directly challenge each other’s mastery of martial arts and weapon skills in real-time battles. The joy of victory is all the sweeter when claimed against a worthy human opponent, making each match an intense and rewarding showdown.

Perhaps the most creative feature of “Dragon Fist 3” is its character creation mode. Here, players are given the freedom to craft their own fighter from the ground up, selecting everything from their appearance to their fighting style and weapon of choice. This mode not only adds a personal touch to the game but also allows players to experiment with different combinations of skills and weapons, finding the perfect match for their preferred playstyle.

“Dragon Fist 3” challenges players to prove their martial arts and weapon mastery against a diverse cast of fighters. The game’s blend of fighting styles, strategic depth, and customizable features makes it a standout title for fans of the genre. Whether you’re navigating the single-player mode’s array of masters, competing against friends, or crafting your ultimate fighter, “Dragon Fist 3” offers a rich and engaging experience that tests your skills and immerses you in the thrilling world of martial arts combat.

Dragon Fist 3 is a flash game made in 2008 by Ben Olding. Now it is playable again online.

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How to Play:

  • Player 1:
    • A = Move left
    • D = Move right
    • W = Jump
    • S = Block
    • T = Punch
    • Y = Kick
    • U = Draw/Throw weapon
  • Player 2:
    • Left arrow key = Move left
    • Right arrow key = Move right
    • Up arrow key = Jump
    • Down arrow key = Block
    • Num 4 = Punch
    • Num 5 = Kick
    • Num 6 = Draw/Throw weapon