Domino Legend

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Domino Legend

Play a casual and fun match of the classic Domino’s game with block or draw game mode.

A round of domino is played until one player places all of their tiles or until the game is blocked and neither player can make a move. In the beginning, the players each receive 7 tiles. The player with the higher double start. If neither have double, then the player with the highest tile starts. The player who earns 100 points first wins.

Game Mode:
Block: If a player cannot make a move, they have to pass the turn to the other player. If neither can make a move, the numbers of tiles in each player’s hands add up and the one with smaller numbers wins the round.

Draw: If a player cannot make a move, they need to pick tiles from the boneyard until they pick a suitable tile with which they can play further.

Developed by Inlogic.