DK : King of Swing
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DK : King of Swing

“DK: King of Swing” is a Game Boy Advance puzzle game that stars Donkey Kong and serves as the first title in the DK series. The game is set during the festive Jungle Jam, a grand event where participants compete in various contests, such as barrel breaking and peg jumping, to win medals and be declared the hero of the jungle. However, just before the competition starts, the villainous King K. Rool steals all the medals and declares himself the jungle hero.

Determined to retrieve the stolen medals and restore order, Donkey Kong embarks on a quest through four distinct worlds. Throughout his journey, he recovers the medals dropped by King K. Rool. After traversing these worlds, Donkey Kong reaches the final world, aboard K. Kruizer III, King K. Rool’s airship.

In the climactic end of the game, Donkey Kong confronts King K. Rool in a dual challenge involving a climbing race and a battle for the final medal. Upon defeating K. Rool, Donkey Kong escapes the exploding K. Kruizer III using a small, green aircraft, leaving the villain and his plans in ruins.

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