Dig Deep: Artifactually Incorrect

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Dig Deep: Artifactually Incorrect

Take the role of an archaeologist, dig for hidden treasures and fossils deep beneath the surface.

Find relics of varying value in this dig ’em up!

► Use your pickaxe to dig for buried relics
► Relics are valuable Trash is worth little
► Your actions and pickaxe damage are limited, but you use the money you gain for selling loot on upgrades
► Complete relics will give you more points, so choose wisely
► Trash is worth little on the marketplace but is safe to sell
► You have 7 days of digging available before the game ends

What’ll you discover today? What is your final score?


Programming by @cloakedninja
Music and sound by @thedorkulon
Art by @treslapin

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.