Deep Forest – Chapter 2
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Deep Forest – Chapter 2


In Deep ForestChapter 2, embark on the next chapter of the enchanting retro series, Deep Forest, created with Chris Maltby’s GameBoy Studio 3. In Chapter 2, the story follows Jaja, who is growing old and in search of an apprentice to take over her role. However, her quest leads her into new troubles as she must help the people of a nearby village. Strange nightmares are haunting the forest, and it’s up to Jaja to uncover the cause and bring peace to the village. Continue the magical adventure and face new challenges in this captivating continuation of the Deep Forest saga. Made by Small is Beautiful.

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How to Play:

  • Move : Arrows / WASD
  • Interact : Alt / Z / J
  • Cancel / close : Ctrl / X / K
  • Open menu : Enter