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A RPG adventure game where your goal is to lead your group of party through 10 floors filled with enemies, secrets, and loots.

Will you be able to reach the top?

Start by creating your party, but remember to create a team with synergy, so is good to mix classes. Form a part that combine damage and healing.


Ages ago, a benevolent king ruled from a magnificent tower. A beloved figure across the land, he served as a unifying voice for a world in conflict. People from all over would make pilgrimages to his tower, offering gifts to the king. However, this peace could not last forever; when a necromancer handed the king a corrupted crown, the once-kind ruler was driven to madness, driving the whole continent into an age of chaos. His kingdom fell to shambles, with its people deserting the tower, finding new homes, and vowing to never return.

Over centuries of abandonment, the tower has transformed into a shadowy den of monsters. Beasts spawned by the king’s dark crown now prowl the tower’s forsaken halls, preying on those foolish enough to enter. With the tower’s name- and its grim story- lost to time, the people of the land know it by one name only… the Decadungeon.

However, not everyone has forgotten about the fallen king. Terra, his descendant, has made it her quest to retrieve and destroy her ancestor’s crown. Accompanied by her loyal knight Brick, the sorceress Iris, and the swashbuckler Leon, she intends to restore her family name and discover what’s hiding at the top of the Decadungeon.


made by Phijup

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