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Amazing space action shooting game. A large number of hostile aliens are inhabiting tunnels deep in the earth. Your mission as a Cy-Clone Orb is to destroy them all! You have the ability to turn yourself into a cybernetic clone of the aliens to use their own weapons against them.

How to Play:

You can switch to keyboard or mouse control on the title screen.

In order to attack, you must clone an alien by positioning yourself infront of it and holding “space” or clicking the left mouse button.
You can then fire by holding the same button.

Every time your energy gauge fills up, you will unleash a powerful attack. Collect the Energy Containers that drop after killing a wave of aliens!

As you progress, the challenge rating will gradually rise.
Make it far enough and you will face the largest, most dangerous alien of them all!

You will gain an extra life for every multiple of 90,000 points.

Arrow keys – Move
Space – Clone enemy / Shoot

The player follows the mouse pointer.
Left Click – Clone enemy / Shoot