Crunky’s Fun Rager
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Crunky’s Fun Rager

In Crunky’s Fun Rager, you step into the shoes of Crunky, a lively and vengeful bunny on a mission to defeat the naughty Crunko Pops. The game is set across various whimsical environments starting from the sunny Crunkopolis Plains, through the sweltering Crumpy Desert, into the mysterious Cropular Underground, and finally the neglected Frunky Fields.

Your objective is to keep Crunky bouncing along, avoiding obstacles and squashing the Crunko Pops by jumping on them. Throughout your journey, you can collect power-ups that enhance Crunky’s abilities, allowing for more effective combat and navigation. Additionally, the game features trampolines for high jumps, and assorted weapons like knives and guns, plus vehicles to ramp up the action.

Collecting red coins and protecting balloons are essential tasks in each area. By completing challenges, Crunky earns letters, and gathering two letters in each region helps Crunky advance to the next area, unfolding new adventures and tougher challenges. Each type of Crunko Pop you encounter has unique behaviors, with some appearing exclusively in specific regions or at certain times.

Defeating 100 of each Crunko Pop type adds their details to your Michaelnomicon, a special section of your Crunkipedia, enhancing the game’s depth and replayability. “Crunky’s Fun Rager” is packed with action, strategy, and humor, making it a delightful journey through the vibrant and unpredictable world of Crunkoland.


Made by Carson K. Want to support the game and snag some fun cosmetics for Crunky? Pick up the game on Steam or and donate $2 to get the Crunky Pass DLC which grants you 14 exclusive outfits/hats/accessories to customize Crunky’s appearance.

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