Canabalt Classic
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Canabalt Classic


Canabalt revolutionized the endless running platformer genre when it burst onto the gaming scene in 2009. Developed by Adam Saltsman as part of the Experimental Gameplay Project, this iconic game challenged players to survive an adrenaline-fueled race across the rooftops of a grayscale cityscape.

In Canabalt, players assume the role of a nimble character who dashes tirelessly across the urban landscape. With each step, obstacles and chasms loom perilously in the path, demanding split-second timing and lightning-fast reflexes to overcome. The player’s sole means of control is the ability to make the character jump, navigating them over barriers and pitfalls in a desperate bid for survival.

Despite its minimalist design, Canabalt captivated players with its sleek visuals, atmospheric soundtrack, and addictive gameplay. The relentless pace and unforgiving difficulty kept gamers on the edge of their seats, daring them to push their limits and achieve ever-higher scores.

With its innovative mechanics and stylish presentation, Canabalt earned widespread acclaim, setting a new standard for endless running platformers. Its legacy endures as a timeless classic, revered for its role in shaping the landscape of endless runner gaming and inspiring countless imitators and innovators alike.

Made by Finji in flash in 2009 that started the running genre. Ported to HTML5 by your favorite Ninja: ninjamuffin99, so it is playable again online. You can see see the GitHub Repo here

You get get Canabalt HD on GooglePlay or iOS

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