Core Machina
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Core Machina


In Core Machina, you play as Jupiter Cogswell, a mechanic and the owner of the Gilded Gear repair shop. Explore and uncover the mystery of a stolen keepsake, an underground conspiracy, and what may very well be the end of the world as we know it. Jump into the action and solve puzzles to reveal the truth behind the steam-fueled city of Ignis Cadere.


  • Explore an alternate universe where Steampunk reigns as the supreme technology in the 1920s.
  • Use your guns and gadgetry to defeat any obstacle, and make your way to the next test of wits!
  • Cover-based combat and split-second gunplay require quick reflexes in this dangerous world.
  • Solve twisted puzzles that require you to not only think but use the world around you to uncover the clues.
  • An original Game Boy game that can be played in your browser, on your original hardware with a flashcart, or in your favorite emulator!


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How to Play:

  • Move: Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Talk/Enter Location (‘Up’): W or Up arrow
  • Enter Cover: S or Down arrow (exit by jumping, hitting ‘Up’, ‘Left’, or ‘Right’, or by attacking)
  • Jump (A button): X, K, or Space Bar
  • Attack (B button): Z, J, or E
  • Activate Watch (Select button): Shift or Tab
  • Open Inventory menu (Start button): Enter