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Dive into the intriguing world of “Codeword,” a captivating crossword puzzle game that offers a unique twist on the classic crossword experience. This game challenges your vocabulary and deductive reasoning skills, providing a satisfying blend of crossword puzzle enjoyment and code-cracking fun.

How It Works:

In “Codeword,” each alphabetical letter appears one or more times in the grid and is represented by the same number wherever it appears. This numeric code adds an intriguing layer of mystery, as players must decipher which number corresponds to which letter throughout the puzzle.

Getting Started:

To ease players into the challenge, “Codeword” generously reveals a few letters at the start of each game. These initial clues are critical for beginning the process of cracking the code and filling in the grid. As you identify more letters and their corresponding numbers, the puzzle gradually becomes clearer, allowing you to complete the grid with increased confidence.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Adding a letter to the puzzle is straightforward. Simply click on a cell within the grid, then type or click on the letter you believe fits that cell based on the numeric code. This interactive element ensures that players are actively engaged in solving the puzzle, making each letter placement a rewarding step towards cracking the code.


  • No Hints or Themes: Unlike traditional crosswords that rely on hints or themes for each word, “Codeword” presents a pure challenge of deduction and vocabulary skill. This approach provides a refreshing and stimulating puzzle-solving experience.
  • Relaxing Yet Rewarding: “Codeword” strikes a perfect balance between being a relaxing pastime and offering a rewarding challenge. As letters start falling into place and the code reveals itself, the sense of accomplishment is truly gratifying.
  • Daily Puzzles: Enjoy a brand-new “Codeword” puzzle every day, ensuring that your puzzle-solving skills are consistently challenged and sharpened. Returning daily for a new puzzle keeps the game fresh and exciting.

“Arkadium’s Codeword” invites you into a world of letters and numbers where your problem-solving abilities are key to unlocking the grid. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword enthusiast looking for a new challenge or a puzzle game aficionado eager to test your skills, “Codeword” offers a uniquely satisfying experience. Engage in this all-new free online game today, and discover the joy of cracking the codeword puzzle.


Codeword is developed by Arkadium.

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