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Cards are mysterious artifacts that exist in the world since its birth, and they allow people to control the forces of nature. Not only that, but over the years, the humankind has learned to craft their own cards. Now, almost everything is done with the use of cards, and the ones who battle with them are called Card Masters. Every 20 years, Utopia, a mythical card capable of granting any wish, appears on Earth, and all Card Masters battle for the honor of using it. In order to determine who’s worth Utopia, The Empire, a political group that rules the world, has skilled Card Masters battle among themselves in groups of four people in the Card Master Tournament. The game follows the story of 3 childhood friends, Tez, Erika and Lucius, in their pursue to become strong Card Masters and have their most desired wishes come true. However, it’s not going to be so simple, as strong adversaries will stay in their way to winning the tournament and, mainly, a huge mystery appears and raises many questions: What is the secret behind The Empire? What exactly is Utopia and, most importantly, what is the origin of Cards?


It is a common turn-based RPG Game, however, your characters’ skills and play style are defined solely by the cards they use, giving you total freedom to build your characters and battle in the way you see fit!

In this game’s world, people fight using powerful artifacts called Cards, being then considered Card Masters. There are 4 different kinds of cards and a Card Master can equip one of each.
In order to become a skilled Card Master, it is important to understand the different kinds of card there are:

  • Class Cards: These cards are synthetic, human-made cards that guide the combat style of the Card Master, as well as their weapon usage and mastery. Different Class Cards give different skills and define each Card Master’s roles in battles. Being made by humans, these cards are obtainable with people, either in vendors, given as gifts or obtained through trading. There are 50 cards of this kind.
  • Element Cards: These cards are the essence of nature and are believed to be created by Cardnia, the Goddess of all Cards. They can be found everywhere around the world and usually their power creates certain unnatural ocurrings that indicate the existence of an Element Card around. The Element Cards give the Card Master elemental magic related to its inherent nature and define the property of the user (fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark or neutral). There are 50 cards of this kind.
  • Monster Cards: The wilds are inhabited by all kinds of monsters and beasts, and each species carries their essence in the form of Monster Cards. Defeating a monster has a chance of nature presenting the Card Master with the Monster Cards, so fighting more monsters increases the chances of finding their cards. There are rumors mentioning monsters having special variants that carry their species’ essence so strongly that, when defeated, always leave its cards. Monster Cards gives the user unique skills and special passive abilities, like poison immunity or half MP cost. There are 50 cards of this type.
  • Special Cards: These cards carry powerful deities inside them and not only are very rare, but usually require particular methods to be obtained. Special Cards provide the power to summon its deities, thus allowing the Card Master to turn the tides of a battle. There are only 8 cards of this kind.

It is essential to understand the sinergy between these cards and come up with compositions that will give you an advantage in the game.

Can you prove you are the Ultimate Card Master by winning the Card Master Tournament and Finding all 158 Cards there are?!




Tez is a rather simple-minded countryside boy who sees life in a very positive way. Despite being extremely oblivious, Tez has a huge heart and will do anything to help his friends when they are in need. When he was 9, his parents set off on an adventure to take care of something and never returned. Tez has incredible strength and bulk, being the perfect physical attacker.


Erika is a determined, and sometimes pretty bossy, girl. Erika lives in the same village as Tez and, since Tez’ parents were believed to have died, her mother let him live with her and Erika. Since then, Erika has acted like a big sister to Tez and bosses him around up until the present days. She treasures her homeland, the Kokonoko Mountain, more than anything. She is the fastest of the group.


Lucius is a humble and polite boy who likes learning about different topics of study, such as astronomy and sailing. Lucius lives in Port Harbor, a beachside village near Tez and Erika’s place. Because his father is a sailor, he has travelled around the world and has way more experience than his two best friends. He is an average mage and has the highest Luck of the group.


Dawn is a mysterious girl who becomes friends with Tez, Erika and Lucius. She has a bubbly personality, but can be pretty smart when she needs to. Despite being fragile in battle, she has the best magical potential of the group and can deal devastating magical damage to the enemies.

Developed by PAKO.

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