Car Eats Car 5
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Car Eats Car 5


Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action in Car Eats Car 5, the latest installment of this thrilling arcade driving game series! Take control of a fearless cartoon car and engage in an epic battle of driving skill against other formidable opponents. In this high-speed showdown, your rivals will stop at nothing to crush you, so you’ll need to stay on your toes and keep your wits about you to outmaneuver their attacks.

Navigate through each level at breakneck speed, dodging obstacles and evading enemy fire as you race towards the finish line. Use your agility and reflexes to perform spectacular flips and jumps off ramps, leaving your adversaries trailing in your dust. But beware – the road ahead is fraught with danger, and you’ll need to stay one step ahead of the competition if you want to survive.

As you progress through the game, be sure to collect gold coins scattered throughout each level. These coins are your ticket to upgrading your vehicle and enhancing its survivability against increasingly ferocious opponents. Invest wisely in upgrades that suit your playstyle, whether it’s boosting your speed, reinforcing your armor, or unlocking devastating weapons to turn the tables on your foes.

With its addictive gameplay, intuitive controls, and vibrant graphics and music, Car Eats Car 5 offers hours of exhilarating entertainment for players of all ages. Can you conquer every level and prove yourself as the ultimate racing driver? Strap in, rev your engines, and get ready to show off your skills in this action-packed driving extravaganza!


Car Eats Car 5 is developed by smokoko.

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