Car Eats Car: Evil Cars
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Car Eats Car: Evil Cars


Help the old and rusty cars space justice in Car Eats Car, Evil Cars edition.

Avoid getting captured by the police cars on each level and ride your way to freedom.

There are arrays of obstacles on the road such as oil cans and crates, designed to slow you down or stop you on your track. So watch out, as these items can damage your car. Don’t forget to use the nitro boost, and to drop bombs on the other vehicles.

After each run, you can upgrade the car’s stats such as speed, turbo, armor, and damage. Upgrades the stats based on your needs and the unique ways you drive.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

W or up arrow to accelerate
S or down arrow to move backward
Shift or X to use nitro
Space bar to drop bombs