Call of Zombies 2

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Call of Zombies 2

Go back to the thrilling world of  Call of Zombies in this second installment. Lots of zombies are added and it gets harder and harder every wave. Shot down the zombies before they eat your brain.

Will you be able to  survive this hellish kind of world?

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


WASD: Move
P: Pause
Z: Toggle Deadzone Aiming
V: Melee attack
H: Holster Weapon
B: Fire Mode
R: Reload
F: Open SHop/Move NPC
F: Use/Move Items
Spacebar: Jump
E: Lean Right
Q: Lean Left
X: Prone
CTRL: (Left) Crouch
SHIFT:(Left) Sprint
Right Mouse Click: Shoot
L: Toggle Mouse Lock