Zombie Invasion

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Zombie Invasion

Slice up hordes of mindless zombies with a mixture of action RPG in Zombie Invasion 2. Build up your courage and unsheath your blade to slice and dice up zombies with your katana.

Become a hero as your protect village and the entire human race. Battle waves after waves of zombies with each proceeding waves growing stronger. Collect coins and gems by killing them. Same goes for you, with each wave you will gain experience and level up as well.

The controls are very easy, by tapping left and right your character will attack. Train your hero, you can choose to upgrade the abilities of your hero. At each level up you will be able to choose which ability you want to learn, from the three, only one ability can be granted. With amazing cartoony graphic that’ll make your eyes happy. There are various terrains and environments for you to fight in. It has more than twelve types of terrifying zombies which will do anything to make you dead.

Gems – While battling you will experience zombies which are emanating blue aura. If you kill those zombies you will get blue coloured gems. These gems are very precious as they help you strengthen your characters stats. There are seven characters so make sure you spend your gems wisely.

Characters – All the heroes are strong and their might could even lead fear in the heart of zombies. There are seven mighty heroes and each of them has their own unique abilities and skills.

• Charlotte :- A girl dressed in blue with a pistol in her hand is Charlotte. She will kill her enemies even before they move!

• Alissa :- Another beauty with a shotgun in hand. Don’t be wooed by her beauty, she will slaughter mercilessly.

• Kitto :- One of the mighty ninjas has joined the battle! With his Katana, he will slash his way through zombie waves!

• Jame :- A mighty hunk wearing gladiators helm and a huge machine gun in his hands, making him look like the doom bringer himself!

• Ichiko :- Ichiko dressed in green and has a blue shotgun in hand. The attacks are stronger than Alissa and are able to create holes in even the strongest of zombies.

• Elise :- Elise, having a bow and arrow in her hand emanates the aura of war god! Her arrow will never miss its target and ignoring the defense will land a killing blow instantly!

• Hikari :- Don’t let the cute girl in maid dress fool you, she has a Scythe in hand! She is the strongest of heroes with a melee weapon. For zombies, she is their Grim reaper!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Available on tablet and smartphone: Apple iOS and Google Android.