Boxhead 2Play Rooms
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Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Welcome to the captivating world of Boxhead: 2Play Rooms, the fourth thrilling installment in the Boxhead game series! Brace yourself for pixelated adventures where waves of mischievous zombies abound, promising action, surprises, and loads of entertainment around every corner.

You’ll step into the shoes of a valiant hero with a unique mission. You are not just the town’s last bastion of defense but also on a quest to amass and upgrade formidable weapons. Whether you choose to team up with a friend or go solo, the objective remains crystal clear: fend off the zombie onslaught, acquire powerful weapons, and emerge as the hero of the day!

How to Play:

The game offers three distinct modes:

  • Single Play: In this mode, you’ll tackle the undead solo, confronting relentless waves of zombies. With every zombie dispatched, you’ll earn up to 10 new weapons and unlock over 90 upgrades, making your hero increasingly formidable.
  • Cooperative: Join forces with a friend to confront the zombie horde together. Collaboration translates to double the firepower, facilitating the acquisition of coveted weapons and upgrades as you battle the undead side by side.
  • Death Match: Challenge a friend in this competitive mode where you’ll face off against each other. Instead of cooperation, you’ll be in direct competition. The twist? You have access to all weapons right from the outset, ensuring an electrifying showdown!

Prepare for a thrilling adventure filled with pixelated mayhem, relentless zombies, and an arsenal of powerful weapons in Boxhead: 2Play Rooms!

This classic Flash game is now playable on the modern web browser.


Boxhead 2Play Rooms is developed by crazymonkeygames.

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