Bonsai Tree Builder
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Bonsai Tree Builder

A beautiful and relaxing simulation game where you try to grow and shape your own bonsai tree.

To grow a bonsai is to cultivate the essence of a tree in miniature. Take your time and enjoy the calming atmosphere. Explore the possibilities and share what you find with the community.


  • – Grow bonsai trees of many shapes and sizes, guided by mouse or touch control.
  • – 25+ leaf varieties, 10+ wood colours and 20+ pots means endless content to discover.
  • – A restful score and ambience carries you through a meditative journey, interspersed with dynamic piano improvisations.
  • – Take photos of your bonsai trees in resolutions as high as your screen, save them in a fully lossless PNG format and use them as your desktop backgrounds, share it with your friends, print it out and stick
  • on the fridge, email it to work colleagues or simply fill up your downloads folder and never view them again. We literally have no control over what you do with the photos.


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