Boktai : The Sun is in Your Hand
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Boktai : The Sun is in Your Hand

“Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand” is a 2003 action-adventure RPG by Konami for the Game Boy Advance, designed by Hideo Kojima. The player controls Django, a vampire hunter with the “Gun Del Sol,” a solar-powered weapon. The game uniquely incorporates a light sensor on its cartridge, requiring players to use real sunlight to charge the weapon, adding a novel outdoor play element.

The narrative is set in the dystopian Age of Darkness, where the world nears its end due to “Dark Matter” corruption and the rise of dark creatures known as “Immortals.” The story unfolds in Istrakan, the “City of Death,” overrun by these Immortals. Django, a descendant of legendary vampire hunters, aims to save humanity and avenge his father by battling these dark forces using the power of sunlight.

Gameplay involves setting the actual time and timezone to simulate the sun’s position, influencing in-game dynamics. Players must engage in stealth tactics, avoid or defeat enemies, and use sunlight to heal the environment and strengthen attacks. The game features immersive elements like bird chirps and a sunset glow, enhancing the experience. Combat progresses through dungeon levels leading to boss fights, culminating in daylight battles where sunlight intensity boosts the player’s attack power.

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