Battle of Middle-earth: War of Survival
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Battle of Middle-earth: War of Survival


Battle of Middle-earth: War of Survival is a strategy game where you command an army of stickmen, each belonging to distinct classes such as Swordsmen, Spearmen, Archers, Mages, and Giants. As the leader, you must strategically maneuver your troops in battles to outsmart and defeat your opponents.

The game offers several new features and various modes, challenging players to protect resources like gold mines through the night, combat powerful mini-bosses, and achieve victory in intensive battles. The stickman world is a battleground where nations, each with unique styles and technologies, vie for supremacy. You can capture these technologies and use them to your advantage, tailoring your army’s strengths to your tactical needs.

Despite your nation’s peaceful inclinations and disinterest in weapon worship, you are forced to choose between defending your territory or launching preemptive strikes to ensure survival against aggressive enemies.

Key gameplay elements include:

  • Resource Management: Collect gold and mana to fund your military efforts and technological research.
  • Troop Training and Research: Develop a diverse army and enhance their abilities through research.
  • Tactical Planning: Craft sophisticated offensive and defensive strategies to overcome adversaries.
  • Troop Management: Directly control troop movements and engage in strategic combat.
  • Base Defense: Safeguard your base from enemy attacks to maintain your stronghold.

The ultimate objective is to destroy the enemy’s base using a combination of strategic planning, resource management, and tactical execution, making “Battle of Middle-earth: War of Survival” a test of both wits and wills in the realm of stickman warfare.

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