Atlantis 2

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Atlantis 2

The War Spaceship Atlantis back in action to protect the Earth from Alien invasions!!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Main Objective:
– Defense The Atlantis from enemies

Mission Failed:
– Atlantis destroyed
– All Merman destroyed simultaneously

‘A,S,W,D or arrow buttons’ – Movements
‘Direction of Mouse’ – Targeting
‘Click Left Mouse’ – Shot
‘Q & E or 1,2,3,4 buttons’ – Change Main-Weapons
‘5,6,7 buttons’ – Turn On / Off Sub-Weapons
‘SPACE button’ – Change Merman

‘P button’ – Open Stats / Paused
‘M button’ – mute / unmute

– When your Merman low health or ammos return to ‘Atlantis Repair Dock’
– When you have a lot of energies, upgrading available in ‘Atlantis Upgrade Dock’