Arena – MIT Scratch
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Arena – MIT Scratch

Arena is the ultimate showdown in the battle inside of an arena! Made on MIT Scratch Engine. Challenge your friends or take on the AI in intense battles for dominance. Who will emerge as the champion and master the arena? With fast-paced combat and platforming, a plethora of weapons, sleek graphics, an intuitive interface, and more, this game is not to be missed!

Game Modes:

  • Deathmatch: Classic Deathmatch, get kills to win!
  • Gun Game: Get Kills to level up your gun. Get kill with each gun to win!
  • Roulette: Master each weapon. Constant Weapon Swaps.
  • Shotty Snipers: Snipers and shotguns always.
  • Arcade: Random
  • Zone Control: Secure control points to win points.
  • Survival: Survive against a relentless zombie horde.


Made by theChAOTiC on open source MIT Scratch game engine.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • P1 : W,A,D to move, S to shoot.
  • P2: Arrow keys to move, down arrow to shoot.
  • P3: J,L,I to move, K to shoot.
  • P4: F,H,T, to move, G to shoot.