Alien Transporter

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Alien Transporter

In Alien Transporter, your job is to Transport passengers from place to place by you’re flying a rocket-powered ship inside of caverns filled with falling rocks, missile traps and exploding barrels! Fly the aliens from place to place, refuel your ship and collect coins while keeping your ship intact.

Two people can play simultaneously, so you can cooperate with a friend and see who can perform the best! For an additional challenge, activate hardcore mode in the options and see how well you are able to pilot without the automatic flight attitude system enabled!

Try to earn three stars on each level and complete quests to unlock new ships, colors and items!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Alien Transporter was developed by armor games.

How to Play:

Player 1: Arrow keys to move
Player 2: WASD to move
P, Esc to pause