A Tale at the Bonfire
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A Tale at the Bonfire


You’re missing in the forest and you have to leave… but it won’t that easy. You’ll have to survive during the dark night next to a bonfire you find… Will you get it?



Reading is the main mechanic. But you have also to survive and there are some actions, like:

  • Adding firewood: it’s very important to keep the bonfire alive. If you see its light is going out, you may add firewood. The more you add, the longer the bonfire will live. If you don’t add firewood to the bonfire, you won’t survive because beasts may attack you.
  • Eating: if you’re getting hungry, you should eat. There are four types of food you may get if you look for food in the forest: apple, mushroom, coconut and blueberry. Some of them may fill your stomach more than others. If you don’t eat, you won’t survive.
  • Looking for food: if you run out of food in your bag, as you may see in the icon on the game, you may look for food in the forest. Remember that the stronger is the bonfire light, the easier will be to look for food.
  • Talking: this action allows you to advance in the story. It’s simple as reading.

Twine game design, pixel art, UI art and code by Nat Morillo, @natnatnart. HTML & CSS by David Jimenez, @HopperWave.

I created this game in Twine as a way to show my feelings and how to try to deal with them. Sort of like self-therapy. Maybe many of you will know what I’m talking about when you play it.

I hope you like it and forgive me if you see some mistakes about my English as it’s not my main language… but I did my best! <3 I really hope you like it. If you enjoyed the game -and you want to support David and me – please consider supporting the game with a donation if you like.

Just Have Fun!