My Lil Bastard

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My little Bastard, lol what funny name. Most virtual pets adore and return your affection. Not My Lil

Have fun and enjoy playing My Lil Bastard.


Use the mouse to select or manipulate objects in your little bastard’s environment. To feed your little bastard, click and hold the mouse on a food item (i.e. bone), then drag and drop it onto him/her. To clean up after your bastard has made a poop, first dispose of the doodie by dragging and dropping it onto the trash can in your bastard’s living area. Then drag and drop a toilet paper roll onto your bastard to wipe his behind.


To save and quit the game to continue at another time, click “Save and Quit” in the lower left corner of the screen.

Your little bastard not pooping in the toilet? Every time he poos on the floor, give him a spray with the water bottle. (Then clean up the mess and wipe him down.) Eventually he/she will learn.

Your little bastard breaking the water bottle repeatedly? Try picking it up and moving it around so he can’t break it. Or try distracting him with something else (food/toy/walkies).

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