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Holyday City

Welcome to Holyday City ! (“Holy + Day”)
Have you ever felt the need to revive your City’s economy from the ashes? Give work to the people? You know very well that a Real Economy is based on Industries and Services. Invite businessmen from all over the world to invest in your city.
If you dream a life of FAME and RICHES then “Holyday City” is the game for you.

Being Financial Manager is a great honor and a great responsibility.
Begin your career in a small town. Improve your city infrastructure, give work to the thousands of unemployed citizens. Increase your popularity and manage the greatest cities of the world. Fight corruption, revive the economy and you will get 10% of your city profits as a payback. Can you handle all these money all by yourself?
Of course you can. The only word you know is SUCCESS!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Click Boutique to start the game.

Your purpose is to develop the Town since you are the Financial Manager.

By clicking the Boutique image you will buy your first business in town.
Boutique will generate income every 2 seconds. With this money you can buy 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

Then you will expand by buying Cafes, Restaurants…

As you develop your town even further you will be able to use Upgrades menu, City Facilities and Atomic Lab to improve it even more.

For every business you buy you get Experience Points and the Bar on the bottom starts filling. When the Bar is full, your level increases and you can move to a bigger city.


What is S.E.E. ??

S.E.E. = Scale Economy Effect.
Each business from the Service sector increases the S.E.E. by 0.5%. The total amount of S.E.E. that each business generates is 0.5% multiplied by the number of businesses.
Then adding the S.E.E. from all Service Sector Businesses equals to the total S.E.E. that can be seen on the Top-Right of the screen.

All Service sector businesses have their profits multiplied by this amount. So every time you buy a business from that sector, you increase the profits generated by the other 4 businesses at the same time.

What is MPS, EPS etc on Production Sector Tooltip ?

MPS = Materials per Second, EPS = Energy per Second,
etc. S/W = Stock per Warehouse,

What is the second MPS in every business tooltip?

MPS = Money per Second.


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