Zombie Minesweeper

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Zombie Minesweeper

Uncover the path by flagging mines and blowing up zombies!

Using the same rules as the classic Minesweeper, work your way through the mines to reach the flower without getting blown up or eaten alive!

Collect powerups to get through the level easier and take care of those pesky zombies!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


The numbers on the ground reveal how many mines there are touching that square, either directly or diagonally. So if you see a “2” for example, it means that 2 of the nearby squares have mines on them.

When you’ve figured out where a mine is, put a flag on it so you don’t accidentally step on it!


Left Click – Move to the highlighted tile.

Right Click – Plant a flag on an unrevealed square.

Right Click with Powerups – Uses the powerup indicated by the cursor

Ctrl-Left Click – Exactly the same as right click, for those with one-button mice.

Revealer Button – When you have a revealer, clicking the button in the interface will use it.

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