Deeply Absurd Chain

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Deeply Absurd Chain

*** Time Magazine – Featured in Best New Puzzle Games (March 2, 2015) ***

Regular stone -> Warm-blooded stone -> Not very clever life form -> Stupidly cute young creature -> … Can you discover the entire deeply absurd chain?

“The longest chain is not necessarily the best move. You need to keep in mind your surroundings. Maybe you want that big patch of rocks to become three warm-blooded rocks instead of just one so you can combine those three into the next part of the chain. Where you end your match is important as well because the upgraded item will land there. Speed isn’t a factor, so take your time to plan the best moves. The game is a solid and innovative addition to the match-3 genre.” – Kimberly from JayIsGames.

Game features:

– Connect 3 or more items/creatures of the same type to discover the next link of the chain;
– Plan your move to make sure that the next one is possible;
– Earn and upgrade Bonus Actions that will help you to move forward;
– Classic “Boulder Dash” like gravity mechanics;
– Absurdopedia: funny descriptions of the items in the chain.

P.S.: This is a mix between Triple Town and Dungeon Raid.

*** Reviews ***

Time Magazine ( – featured in “Best New Puzzle Games”:

“I am immediately fond of any game that embraces its own absurdity on the most superficial level. At first, this plays like most match games—the basic principle of which is to line up as many similar items in a row. But in Deeply Absurd Chain, matching items only reveals the next link in the chain, allowing for far more complicated moves. It’s a game that sends you down a rabbit hole of cartoonish puzzling with an archeological theme.”

“Ever since Dig Dug, gamers everywhere have had the desire to go deeper and deeper below the surface of the digital earth… Deeply Absurd Chain has a surprising amount of strategy for something so easy to pick up, and it will keep you playing for quite awhile.”

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Developed by Lumarama

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