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Roams (IO) is an foraging and survival game set in a colorful 2D environment. In this game, players start as a humble mouse and aim to climb the food chain by consuming berries to gain experience points (XP). The primary objective is survival, achieved by progressing up the food chain while avoiding predators.

How to Play:

  • Players begin the game as a mouse and earn XP by eating berries. This XP helps them evolve into different creatures as they progress up the food chain.
  • Friendly players and objects are indicated by a light green border, while dangerous ones are marked with a red border. New players should avoid these potential threats.
  • Players must also manage their water meter, which can be replenished by consuming larger blue blobs found near water sources.
  • Water is consumed slowly as you move and more rapidly when sprinting.


  • Player movement is controlled by mouse movement. However, keep in mind that your movement may be hindered by objects larger than your character. For instance, when you start the game, you cannot eat mushrooms or move through them.
  • Sprinting is available in the game and can be activated by pressing or holding the space bar. Be cautious, as sprinting consumes water.

“Roams (IO)” offers an exciting survival experience where players must strategically navigate their environment, avoid threats, and progress up the food chain to survive and thrive in the colorful 2D world. Will you be able to climb to the top of the food chain?

Just Have Fun!