Zombie Shooter 3D
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Zombie Shooter 3D

Zombie Shooter 3D is a shooting game where you embark on a journey to the eerie and desolate dark forest. Wipe out hordes of zombies and witness them being obliterated. With a powerful arsenal at your disposal, including a pistol, machine guns, grenades, shotgun, sniper rifle, and grenade launcher, defend the world against the zombie invasion and obliterate every last one of them!


Zombie Shooter 3D is developed by GoGoMan.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Mouse – look around WASD
  • movement W + Shift – Run Space
  • jump Left Mouse Button
  • Shoot Right Mouse Button (Hold)
  • Aim Mouse Wheel – Next / Previous Weapon 1-7
  • weapon hotkeys R
  • reload G – throw a grenade