WoRMeR Deluxe
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WoRMeR Deluxe


WoRMeR Deluxe is a metroidvania puzzle platformer game where you play as a living anti-virus program exploring a maze-like computer system to recover an important file, where you’ll encounter 4 virus bosses.

Find power-ups along the way to increase your chance of beating the game.

Gameplay and graphic is old-school retro with snes feel.

This is a demo with one-boss. Get the full game with 4 bosses here 


Made by quietcave

The music and sound effects are by Promtastik, who can be found here.   Please support his music, he did a wonderful job!

Title screen and Morgan close-up art are by 773tk, who can be found here.  She also makes cool stuff here.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Move Left and Right with the arrow keys (D-Pad).
Jump with Z (Bottom Face Button).
Attack with X (Left Face Button) when unlocked.
Shield with Down+X (Down + Left Face Button) when unlocked.
Flip Gravity with C (Right Face Button) when unlocked.
Spawn a Block with S (Top Face Button) when unlocked.
Move the spawned Block with A and S (Left and Right Bumpers).
??? with W (Select).