Wolf Family Simulator
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Wolf Family Simulator

“Wolf Family Simulator” immerses players in the untamed wilderness as a wolf navigating the perils and challenges of the wild. This adventure simulation game offers a vivid open world ripe for exploration, where survival is the primary goal. As players progress, they can hunt and battle a variety of wild animals to maintain their health and strength.

The game begins with players choosing their wolf character from different breeds, such as the gray wolf or Indian wolf. As they roam the expansive forest, they encounter formidable forest bosses including bears, tigers, and boars, which they must fight to survive. By leveling up, the wolf gains the ability to find a mate at level 10 and raise a cub by level 20, expanding their family and responsibilities.

Family members’ stats, like health, energy, and damage, can be increased to enhance their survival chances. Completing quests and collecting daily gifts provide necessary resources and benefits to aid in the wolf’s journey. “Wolf Family Simulator” is not just about survival but also about building and leading a wolf pack to become the dominant force in a beautifully rendered autumn forest.

Wolf Family Simulator is made by PlayMixDev

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How to Play:

  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump
  • Hold L-Shift = run
  • Tab = menu (boosting, breeds, settings)
  • Left-click = attack
  • E = eat