Wired Electricity Puzzle
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Wired Electricity Puzzle

Learn the  fundamentals of electricity in this educational game called Wired. In each stages of the game, you’ll be given a range of instructions  by a real human instructor in a fun and engaging video. Complete the different task and learn about how currents and electricity works. Electricity is one of the most important scientific discoveries of the modern age! Now you can see how it works for yourself.

-Realistic 3D graphics with side-scrolling view
-A smooth puzzle-platformer with 30 puzzle rooms
– A unique educational game that combines real physics of electricity to solve the puzzles



Wired was developed at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department by Diarmid Campbell.

Wired is  fun arcade platform that makes learning fun and enjoyable.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • AD to move
  • E to interact
  • W to jump
  • S to go down
  • Left click to do wiring
  • Esc to pause