Where’s My Pizza?
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Where’s My Pizza?


Where’s My Pizza? is an engaging 3D skill game that casts you as an ordinary pizza delivery person in a charming town.

Work at Paolo’s and prepare, bake, and deliver delicious pizzas to hungry customers all around the area. Navigate through traffic with care to avoid dropping or damaging the pizzas. Slow down when faced with obstacles and speed bumps, while simultaneously delivering the food while it’s still hot.

Keep a steady hand and avoid losing any pizzas along the way. In exchange for safe and timely deliveries, customers will be generous with their tips if your pizzas meet their high standards. As your profits grow, invest in new ingredients, larger ovens, and more pizza trailers for your bike, and become the most dominant pizza provider in town!

The quality of the pizza and the service will determine the amount of tips you earn. As your restaurant gains popularity, you can increase your delivery range and purchase upgrades such as new ingredients, appliances, and trailer improvements. Additionally, VIP customers require manual pizza preparation from scratch.


Where’s My Pizza? is developed by Wix Games.

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