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Wartune is a online MMORPG, PvP, and strategy game. Based on the fantasy world filled with dragons, magic, and more. Start out by choosing one of the three classes: Archer, Mage, or Knight.

Knights are a defensive class wearing heavy armor.  Knights have a high hit point total and use skills that boost their defenses and that punish those who attack them.  Good on the frontline.

Archers does heavy damage and can deal damages to multiple targets. Archers lack any defensive skills

Mage use their spells can inflict good damage to all targets and even whittle down a single target with a powerful blast of fire and lightning.  They are very effective in healing.A Mage’s primary stat is Intellect which increases the power of their spells.  But despite the power at their control, Mages suffer from low physical defense wearing only the lightest armor though their magical defenses start higher than the other two classes.  Mages are best positioned in the back row to avoid as much damage as possible.

Fight huge monster bosses, guild or join guilds, do PvP battles, and many more.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.