Void Fish
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Void Fish


“Void Fish” offers a captivating survival adventure, where your a small fish living in an unforgiving pond, set in a minimalist atmospheric world where the primary objective is to endure the harsh conditions of the void. As players navigate through this vast, empty space, they must guide and expand their flock of fish, turning survival into a communal effort.

The game mechanics revolve around gathering food pellets scattered throughout the void. These pellets are essential for survival, as they allow the player to lay eggs, which in turn hatch into more fish, expanding the flock. The larger the flock, the greater the chances of survival, as the fish can work together to distract predators and ensure the safety of the group.

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Void Fish” is the dynamic of leadership within the flock. Players start by controlling a leader fish, which guides the direction and actions of the flock. However, the void is filled with dangers, and if the leader fish succumbs to predators or other perils, another fish from the flock automatically takes up the mantle of leadership. This ensures the continuity of the journey, making the survival of the flock a collective endeavor.

“Void Fish” combines elements of strategy, adventure, and survival in a unique, atmospheric setting that challenges players to think tactically about resource management, navigation, and predator evasion. The game’s minimalist design emphasizes the stark beauty of survival in an unforgiving environment, making every decision, from the path taken to the management of the flock, critical to enduring the void’s challenges.

made by Eric Alfaro

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • left mouse: gather your flock towards the leader. your leader fish follows your mouse by default.
  • right mouse: lay eggs (if available) that hatch into more fish.
  • esc: freezes your leader fish in place