Village Defence
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Village Defence


Your tower is under attacked by enemies. Strengthen your tower with different skills and find the way for upgrade it.

Fight on different maps; forest, farm, and desert. New maps will be added, coming soon…

Upgrade your tower and village, buy new skills and kill tons of enemies!

How to Play:

  • Your tower charges magic to attack
  • Tap to¬†charge magic¬†button to charge faster
  • Spend your gold with tower and village upgrades
  • upgraded towers comes with additional new small towers
  • add mages and improve your tower stats
  • Buy new skills!
  • Buy new maps to play on different maps

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Skill shortcuts – alpha 1,2,3,4
Charge magic shortcut -Spacebar
-Your tower charges magic and attacks automatically,
-Also, troops can attack on their own.
-To help tower charge, press charge magic button
-Choose your skills wisely, your defense relies heavily on your skill management

Quick Tips:
-Shaman enemies can attack from long distance, make sure you have a range boost skill in your skillset
-Your main tower needs protection. Troop skills can play a perfect role to tank main and little towers.
-Skills can reduce charge time less than 2 seconds when they combined in skillset

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