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Description brings you an action-packed online multiplayer First-Person Shooter game. Engage in fast-paced combat alongside a passionate and competitive community. With four standard game modes and maps, as well as an endless array of custom maps and game modes, the possibilities are limitless. Take control of 7 unique weapons and 4 distinct heroes. Customize your heroes with skins and your guns with camos available in the shop. Share the lobby link with your friends and enjoy the thrill of this incredible game together!

You can enjoy completely for free on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. No downloads are required; simply access the game directly in your browser. Full-screen mode is also available for PC users. Immerse yourself in the world of on Poki and aim to climb to the top of the leaderboards!

Maps & Game Modes:

  1. Sierra – POINT: Engage in a capture-the-flag/domination-like game mode in a desert-themed map. Unlock tier abilities by occupying the green area (Flag Point). Capture times vary around 1 minute.
  2. Mistle – PAYLOAD: Experience a refreshing game mode in a quaint town map. The objective is to push a minecart into the opponent’s territory by standing in the green area near the cart. Unlock your abilities within this zone.
  3. Tundra – GUNGAME: Dive into the classic gun-game mode in a winter-inspired map. Progress through different weapons with each kill, ranking up as you go.
  4. Temple – BLACKCOIN: Take part in a thrilling game mode set in a temple map. Collect “Black Coins” from defeated enemies and deliver them to the green area within the temple.


Explore the “custom” tab to discover community-created maps and game modes. Each custom map displays the number of players online and community ratings. Unleash your creativity in the “Map Editor” to design and share your own unique creations with friends!

Loadout: Heroes:

Choose from four heroes – Lilium, Shin, Echo, and Kulu. Each hero possesses distinct abilities and play styles. Lilium excels in area damage with grenades and delivers close-range strikes with a hammer. Shin inflicts damage with shurikens and can cast spells on opponents, while also possessing a melee ability to dash into enemies. Echo wields throwing axes that deal damage and can cast spells, accompanied by a grappling hook for strategic movement. Lastly, discover the unique abilities of the newest character, Kulu.


Select from 8 different weapons, including Scar, AK47, M4 (Assault Rifles), Shotgun, Tec-9 (SMG), Sniper, Light Machine Gun (LMG), and Desert Eagle (pistol).

Credits: is developed by ONRUSH Studio.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • LMB – Shoot
  • RMB or Shift – Aim Down Sight
  • WASD – Move
  • Space Bar – Jump
  • Scroll Wheel – Switch Between Weapons
  • R – Reload
  • E – Melee attack
  • F – Throw Grenade
  • B – Buy
  • H – Dance
  • Enter – Chat
  • Escape – Leaderboards
  • Hold B – Turn Cards