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WAY BACK IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, as we reached for the stars, we came across an offensive entity, known as the PESTE NERA. This entity attacked our planet years ago, out numbering any defenses we had.

But now it’s our time to fight back.

We are VELOCE, the elite galactic defense force.  Equipped with the most agile fighters in the world, the enemy won’t know what hit them!

We’re glad you’re working for us now!


  • STEER YOUR CRAFT. The fighter responds directly to your mouse.
  • UPGRADE YOUR FIGHTER with better weapons by  collecting the power-ups.
  • GET IN CLOSE. The gun turrets shoot automatically, but have a limited range.
  • ENDURE for as long as you can, pilot!

We’re counting on you!

By Joi & Torfi for LD45

Just Have Fun!