Vapor Trails

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Vapor Trails

Play as a cyberborg in the year 20XX and return to the surface of Vapor City and exact revenge.

Val’s weapons are her speed and her fists. Unleash complex, flowing combos with punches and kicks. Moving quickly upgrades attacks, dealing more damage and changing the combo game.

Vapor Trails is currently in development.  Developed by Sevencrane. Follow  on Twitter.

How to Play:

←/→ to move
TAB to show inventory
Space to jump (tap to shorthop)
↓+Jump to drop through platforms
Z to punch
X to kick
A to shoot
Shift + ←/→ to dash
↑ to interact
Space to advance dialogue
↑ + Shift in the air to flip kick
Shift (hold) to heal when grounded and stationary
Ctrl (hold) to walk
Space to buy items in shops

Unique attacks

↓+Kick: boost slide
↓+Punch (aerial): elbow drop
↓+Kick (aerial): divekick