Ultra Balloon (Arcade)

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Ultra Balloon (Arcade)

Ultra Balloon is an arcade machine game you can now play online. Play as a penguin-like cute character that can blow up bubbles to trap enemies. Total of 8 stages where you help to save beautiful girls from boss monsters.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play

Only keyboard is required to play. Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller.

Press [Space-Bar] after the loading and introduction screen to insert coin, then [ENTER] to PLAY.

Player 1
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Insert Coin =[Space-Bar]
(Only work after intro. Locked during intro)
Arrrow =[WASD]
Button 1, 2, 3 =[J], [K], [L]
Button 4, 5, 6 =[I], [O], [U]